23 months old...!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

And here we are, just three weeks away now from having a two year old. Wow. Every time I think about it, I'm shocked. Seems like just yesterday she was a wrinkly, skinny, shrivelled old man! And now she's a walking, talking, running, screaming, playing, singing, jumping, laughing, beautiful, clever child. She's really starting to take off with the full sentences. She knows the words for practically everything and she tells us what's what. She absolutely loves to say "what's that?" over and over and over and over.... She's always hungry to learn something new.

We just can't wait to see what each new stage holds. She's not only a little sponge for information, but she's a fountain of it too. Bring on the fun, Lani! You're the light of our lives and we absolutely love you to pieces :)

p.s. we're planning on having a circus themed birthday bash next month, and I can't wait! 


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