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Friday, June 22, 2012

I haven't had much time (motivation?) to blog lately, mostly due to the horrid weather. It's just such a downer when day in and day out it's dreary and raining and gloomy and it's the summer! There's no good light for photographs and you can't go outside to play. I'm sure Lani feels the same way, too! We had a wee break from the misery a few days ago and you better believe we were out enjoying the sunshine. We took the bus into town, said hello to Daddy at work and then played in the playpark nearby. Afterwards we had vegan sorbet on cones before heading home. It's the little things, isn't it?


Life, Lately.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

We went to the National Museum of Scotland yesterday and then followed it up with vegan chocolate sorbet and a vegan mango sorbet smoothie from The Chocolate Tree. Lani always has such a good time when we go and I always get tons of exercise chasing her like a mad woman around the massive museum. She's quite cheeky lately, throwing herself on the floor and wailing when I told her we weren't going in the direction she wanted to go and running about the kids area screaming "mama!" every time she didn't see me in her field of view. It was still great fun. The weather is steadily trying to perk itself up, (though we're still having days of freezing cold and hours upon hours of rain) and hopefully we will see something resembling summer soon. 

It's mine and Ryan's 3 year wedding anniversary in two weeks, and I'm seriously looking forward to it. Ryan's mom is going to come through for the day and look after Lani and we're going to see movies and eating lots of vegan sushi. Can't wait!

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Lani Style

Saturday, June 9, 2012

cardigan: gift from my mom jumpsuit & belt: zara tights: john lewis shoes: primark

Happy Saturday everyone! We had a lovely day, with lovely weather. Now we're looking forward to a relaxing sunday and crossing our fingers and toes for another warm day. (p.s. I totally gave into my little summer wishlist for Lani and bought her this jumpsuit from zara. It is without a doubt the cutest.)


How can she be 4 months away from 2?

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Yesterday, Lani turned 20 months old. In just four short months I will have been a mother for two years. And in 21 days Ryan and I will have been married for three years. You seriously do blink and they are walking and talking and tell you what to do! Her vocabulary has been steadily exploding since her first birthday and she just keeps getting cheekier. 
They are replacing all the power lines into our flat yesterday (and unfortunately tomorrow as well) and making a bloody racket in the process. Lani was unable to have her usual nap so we packed her up into her stroller and went for a walk, which did the trick, as she promptly fell asleep. On our way back we stopped for coffee and a snack and while the cafe was beautiful, the food was mediocre and the coffee wasn't great. But at least we got out and got some fresh air and someone had her beauty sleep.
I'll be taking Lani's 20 month photos in the next few days and I'm hoping for some lovely weather so we can get our summer threads on and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Some on Scotland, deliver us some sunshine! x


Birthday Outfit Ideas

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

1. BoboChoses Bike Blouse 2. Theif and Bandit Kids String Headband 3. Zara Twill Trousers 4. Black Saltwater Sandals 5. Holztiger Orca Whale Wooden Figure

So I had originally decided to do a Circus theme for Lani's 2nd birthday, when I found this dress at John Lewis. Which I still absolutely love. But now I have discovered Boho Choses. And this gorgeous bike blouse. It is absolutely adorable. And now it's got my mind ticking, thinking how fun it would be to do a cute bike themed birthday party. I'm not sure if I've mentioned on the blog, but my husband owns a bicycle repair shop, and is a bike mechanic. This theme would be fun, because I know he would get into it too. Oh, the decisions!

Also, if you haven't seen the clothes on the Bobo Choses shop yet, you've got to take a look. I think I've found my new favorite brand. They truly have the cutest stuff and if I was in the position to splurge, I'd buy so many different pieces for Lani. But that bike top... it's perfection.

I also adore saltwater sandals, but they are unfortunately not vegan. So as much as I LOVE them with this outfit, I would never buy them. Does anyone know of a vegan version of these?

Do you go overboard and plan themed birthdays for your kids? If so, any suggestions or ideas? I want to do as much handmade as I can.

[also, I recently noticed that the comments weren't working (thanks mom), due to the embedded function not working on my template. I've switched back to the pop out comments for the time being, until I can figure out what I need to do in my code to get embedded comments working. Argh!]


Life, Lately.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Gardening + gastropods, playgrounds + playdates. Running free and gazing out the window forlorn. 
Life's been pretty good, lately.

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Some days... some days she drives me completely nuts. Sometimes I lose my cool, sometimes I raise my voice when I don't mean to. Some days nothing makes her happy, and sometimes she whines. Some days I have to close my eyes and take a deep breath.

But those fleeting moments, however trying they are at the time, they don't hold a flame to the good ones. I forget those moments even before the next one happens, but I always remember the good moments. Isn't that the wonderful magic of having a child? The way that you can just look at them and feel your heart swell? We feel so lucky. Everyday, we feel so lucky.


Garden Afternoon

Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy Friday, everyone! x

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