Nineteen Months...

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I actually can't believe I've now kept up with taking photos of Lani every month for her monthly birthdays, but here we are at 19 months and still going strong. It's so much fun to click through my facebook album of these photos and see how much she has changed along the way.

What can I even say about you at 19 months, Lani? You are the light of both mine and your father's lives and everyday you do something that makes our hearts melt... AND our blood boil! haha. You are such a clever little girl, you've got an amazing vocabulary, you can name nearly every animal you have in books or toys and tell the sounds the make, you've been counting to 10 since you were about 14 months and you're starting to learn your ABC's now. You love to dance, and tell us you are dancing and you love singing the songs from your Monkey Music class. You tell us something new everyday, and after playing the 'Paint my Wings' toca boca app on my iphone you let me know "man, funny!". You are absolutely OBSESSED with "beasties" (insects) and your favorite ones are spiders. Whenever you find them in the flat you beg "catch!" and "hand!" and you love to hold them. You also love all of your cuddly toys so much, especially foxy and bunny. I won't say you aren't a challenge, too though. You can tantrum like a proper child, and you drive me nuts when you act out. You're especially into the TV show 'Charlie and Lola' (which you call either 'lolo' or 'chaw-wee') and when we tell you that you can't watch it when you want to, you let us know you don't like that answer.

Despite your little attitude, you're a joy to be around. We love you so much, our wee pumpy bum. <3


Tracy May 18, 2012 at 11:50 AM  

such sweet photos, my fave is the first!

Lauren May 24, 2012 at 9:43 AM  

lani is one of the most gorgeous children i have ever seen!

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